Since 1991, KR Training has been offering high quality, affordable firearms and self-defense courses. We're the oldest and largest firearms training school in Central Texas, staffed by male and female instructors with decades of combined experience and national level credentials in firearms training, defensive shooting and tactics, competition shooting, threat and risk assessment, law enforcement and military service. In addition to teaching our own courses, we host multiple national level trainers every year.

Our 88 acre private training facility, the A-Zone Range, has multiple shooting bays, including a shoot house, and a comfortable classroom building with A/C and bathroom. Facility is on flat, level ground easily accessible to those with mobility limitations. We have a large inventory of loaner gear students can use during classes: guns, holsters, eye and ear protection.

We've trained thousands of students: total novices, recreational shooters, carry permit holders, those seeking serious post-CHL training, competitive shooters, and local law enforcement officers. Advanced courses require a carry permit and may have additional pre-reqs.

Call us at 512-633-8232 anytime between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Central Standard Time. The fastest way to get information is to email us. Unless a class is marked as 'SOLD OUT' on this page, there is space available.

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Upcoming Classes

Sept 16, 9a-4p
Sept 23, 8a-12 noon
$100 -FULL - wait list only
Sept 23, 1-5 pm
Sept 24, 9-11
Sept 24, 10a-4p
NW Austin
Sept 24, 12-5
Daub Sept 30, 9-12 pm A-Zone Range $75
Sept 30, 1-3 pm
Sept 30, 1-3 pm
Sept 30, 3-5 pm
Oct 6, 9a-6p
Oct 7, 8a-12
$100 - 4 slots left
Oct 7, 1-5p
$100 - SOLD OUT
Oct 7, 6-9 pm
$75 - SOLD OUT
Oct 8, 12-5 pm
Oct 14, 9a-1p A-Zone Range $100
Skill Builder (pistol)
Oct 14, 2p-4p
Oct 15, 9a-1p A-Zone Range $100
Oct 15, 2p-5p A-Zone Range $75
Oct 15, 6-9p A-Zone Range $75
Oct 21, 8a-12 noon
Oct 21, 1p-5p
Oct 29, 10a-4p
NW Austin
Charles Rives
Dec 10, 9a-2p A-Zone Range $100

This schedule only shows dates coming up in the next 60-90 days. More dates available on our schedule page.
The class you want not listed or on the current schedule? Check here for updates or join the KR Training email list.

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