KR Training, in collaboration with Dvorak Instruments, Walther Arms, and Paulus Consulting, will be offering students an opportunity to evaluate the Walther PPQ M2 pistol and the CoolFire Trainer simulated recoil system.

The event, to be held August 4th, from 9-12, will be a beta test for a possible new research study, evaluating the relative benefit of the Cool Fire product vs. live fire for shooter development.

All attendees will shoot a live fire pre-test, and then be divided into two groups. One group will do additional training using the CoolFire product. The other will do additional live fire training on the range. At the end of the training block, all attendees will re-shoot the live fire test. The data will be recorded and scores compared to pre-test scores.

All guns and ammo will be provided. Event is open to up to 24 participants.

Event cost is $20. Pre-registration and payment in full in advance is required.

Event will be held at KR Training's A Zone Range.