Match Photo and Shooting Event Archive

From 1994-2004 we took pictures and video at matches and posted them online. In the past few years it's become a lot more common for people to have digital cameras at matches. We'll still put some pictures online from events that aren't covered elsewhere. For some excellent DVDs of Texas matches (including footage of KR Training instructors and shooting team members), check out

2010 Matches and Events

Polite Society Conference

2009 Matches and Events

Polite Society Conference

bulletAustralia trip and club match

2008 Matches and Events

Sportsman's Team Challenge

2007 Matches and Events

Polite Society Conference


2004 Matches and Events

Airsoft Labs Symposium

Steel Challenge 2004

Ladies Camp 2004

Space City Challenge

Area 4


2003 Matches

Two videos of Karl at the April 03 ALSPPC match (pt 1) (pt 2)

Steel Challenge 2003

2002 Matches

A-Zone Steel Match May 2002

A-Zone Steel Match June 2002

2002 USPSA Race Gun Nationals

2002 Texas State Limited Championship

2001 Matches

Texas Paper and Iron 2001

Steel Challenge 2001

Area 1 Championship, a.k.a. 2001 a Space Idiocy

Space City Challenge

Shooting the 'Texas Star' (MPEG movie)

Interested in the Texas Star target? Here's a photo of the star and it's inventor, Terry Ashton. Here's a photo of the star in its shipping crate, and an MS Word file with ordering info. Call Terry at (325)655-2809 or email him at [email protected].

'Clip 21' - stage at San Antonio match (MPEG movie)

2000 Matches

John and Kelli's Wedding

Open Nationals and Pan American Championship

Make a Wish 2000

Space City 2000

1999 Matches

Area 4 Championship

Space City Challenge

Make A Wish 99

1998 Matches

Make A Wish

Karl and Penny's Wedding

Area 4 Championship (Mardi Gras)

Texas Action Shooting Club August

River City Shooters Halloween

1997 Matches

Ladies Charity Classic

Mile High Showdown

Space City Challenge heat and humidity in Houston, Texas.

Area 5 the Indiana rain and mudfest.

Area 7 in Boston Mass.

Travis County SWAT team An introduction to IPSC shooting for the local SWAT team.

1996 Matches

Blanco County Fun Shoot An mixture of IPSC, Steel and pin shooting.

Area 4 in Texarkana, TX

Space City Challenge in Houston Texas, home of NASA.

Mile High Showdown all the stages and scores!

New photos courtesy of Master class shooter Dennis Cook. Here's Todd Jarrett and Jerry Barnhart at the 1996 FIPT, and a picture of Dennis in action.

1995 Matches

I shot the Mid Atlantic Steel Championship in Topton, PA in both 1995 and 1996. Here's a photo of me shooting Devil's Triangle.

My friend Don Davis contributed these pictures from the 1995 American Handgunner World Shootoff. He was in the C Squad. and got to watch shooters like Jethro. and Ross Newell in action.

One of favorite matches to shoot is the Texas Paper and Iron held every October in Midland, Texas. It's a 'speed-only' match using ISSA (not IPSC) targets. Some of the courses include Flying W , Time's a Wastin' , Triple Roundabout,, Double To Go, The Gauntlet, (here I am shooting from the first box), and Sgt. York's Way.. Here's another photo of The Gauntlet from the second shooting box. I'll get the course designs scanned in eventually too. I was 4th in the 1996 match, and Penny was 2nd D Limited. Click here for more information about the Texas Paper and Iron match.

The Trap was part of the 1995 Area 4 Championships, held in Dallas, Texas. The photo shows me engaging the first targets while sitting in the easy chair.

Carlito's Way was part of the 1995 Friendship Classic. They built this great railroad car prop with ramps. The photo shows Grand Master Dean Jarrett (no relation to Todd) charging the ramp. Here's another photo of me shooting from the train car.

Hoserville 1895 was part of the 1995 Mile-Hi Showdown in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Here's a photo.

1994 Matches

Five Aces was part of the 1994 Mile High Showdown, held in Idaho Springs, Colorado each 4th of July weekend. The photo shows Australian national champion Ross Newell in action.

The Line Is Busy was part of the 1994 Norco Friendship Classic, held each year in Norco, California by Wally Arida. This stage required the shooter to start standing on a telephone pole. If you look carefully at the photo you should be able to see two pieces of brass in the air.

Bad Dreams was another stage from the 1994 Friendship Classic. In thisphoto I'm in the middle of a reload, with one mag on the ground.

'Just The Bartender' was part of the 1994 Texas Riviera Championship.

LaMarca's Bar-B-Que was part of the 1994 Rio Salado Autumn Classic in Arizona. Here are photos of me and Dean Jarrett shooting this stage.

Here's a photo from the Old MacMaehren Bought the Farm stage from that same match.