2020 Preparedness Training - "The OCHO"

We’re pleased the Preparedness Conference is in its eighth year.

The theme for this conference is “Austin in Crisis.”  We will look at the recent problems in the Austin area and what a prepared citizenry needs to know heading into 2020, focusing on:

This will be a THREE DAY event for those who wish to really take their preparedness to the next level in order to deal with the ongoing problems in Austin and in the increasing societal tensions across the country.  Attendees can also pick and choose the training opportunities that best meet their needs and schedules.

Friday, January 3 - SOLD OUT

OC spray/less-lethal weapons for Civilians Instructor Course – Chuck Haggard, a nationally respected self defense instructor in a number of disciplines, will be teaching attendees how to train others in the use of OC spray and less than lethal weapon systems.  OC spray (aka pepper spray)  and other systems provide the preparedness community a viable option when confronted with a dangerous situation requiring force that is less than deadly force.  This is a great option for those who wish to help prepare their families, houses of worship and workplaces with self defense skills that don’t involve firearms.  This is an all day class. Tuition is $300.


Each of the half day sessions is $100. Attend two sessions for $180, three sessions for $240, and all four for the package discount price of $280, a savings of $120.

Saturday morning, January 4 - SOLD OUT

OC spray/less-lethal weapons for Civilians – Chuck Haggard will make another appearance on the second day of The OCHO to teach a half day class for those just wanting the actual course content.  This is a great option for family members and others who want to learn how to use less than lethal self defense systems but do not want to train others in how to use them.

Saturday afternoon, January 4

Generators 101 – More people are wanting to purchase generators for power outages caused by storms and cyber attacks on the grid.  Kurt Summers of Austin Generator will be on hand to explain the basics of generators and help you make decisions as to whether you need a generator and, if so, what kind of generator you should acquire.

Paul Martin will be leading the discussion on the following topics:

The Second American Civil War – The Deep Dive – The mainstream media and major policy publications have published articles and stories on the likelihood of a Second American Civil War, or CW2.  We will do a deep dive into the material to see what is driving this, whether it’s something we should actually be concerned about, and how prepared citizens should respond and react to the increased attention to this subject.

Austin in Crisis – The past 24 months in Austin have been challenging for the city, including a serial bomber, a massive boil water order for the city, an escalating level of violence downtown, increased response times for first responders, and a massive shift in public policy priorities creating health and safety hazards throughout the city.  We are going to spend some time focusing on the public safety and health challenges facing the Austin area.

Preparing for Civil Unrest – As we head into 2020, political tensions will undoubtedly escalate creating a very tense election year which may go beyond November 3, 2020.  Add to these growing tensions the increased attacks on our power grid and extended response times by first responders.  What should prepared citizens anticipate in the event of a civil unrest event, and how can they prepare for it in 2020?  We will be offering a number of ideas to help get you ready for this possibility.

Night Vision Equipment Demonstration – Once it gets dark outside on Saturday, Cliff Cheadle of Third Coast Thermal will be on hand to demonstrate the newest night vision equipment and how best to deploy it in a suburban and urban setting.

Sunday morning, January 5

Potential Threat Management – KR Training Instructor Dave Reichek will provide hands on training in managing communication, position, movement and body language when interacting with unknown individuals in public places. This block will include simulations where students will practice evading, avoiding, deterring and physically interacting with potential threats. Some drills will incorporate instructors wearing protective headgear so that students can practice unarmed techniques.

Sunday afternoon, January 5

Defensive Long GunKarl Rehn and Wendell Joost will be teaching the 4 hour Defensive Long Gun Essentials course that is a staple in the KR Training curriculum.  We encourage attendees for this particular offering to use any type of long gun of their choosing, especially one that they may not be their primary defensive long gun.  This includes rifles chambered in 22, pump and semi auto shotguns, lever guns and bolt action guns.