Essential Handgun Skills

Course Description: A one day class that will give you essential skills to take your handgun shooting to the next level and give you solid technique to practice and develop your skills. This class, like all my classes, will be taught on more of a “performance coach” style with lots of individual attention.


Length: 8 hours

Prerequisites: None.

Required Equipment: Range gear, Ear and Eye protection, Belt holster. AIWB, IWB or OWB. no Serpas. Reliable semi auto handgun. 500 rounds of ammo. 3 spare mags and one mag pouch.

See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by:  Spencer Keepers, Nationally recognized firearms instructor, Owner of Keepers Concealment

Spencer Keepers has been a Presenter at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference 2012-16, a Presenter at the Paul Gomez Memorial Training Conference 2012 & 2015, He is one of only 11 Handgun Masters though Rangemaster and an Expert on the FAST test.

Mr. Keepers is a graduate of some of the world’s best handgun, carbine, shotgun, force-on-force and hand-to-hand classes. He has well over 1,000 hours of professional firearms training from the world’s best civilian, law enforcement, military and competition shooters and instructors.

Instructor Certifications:
Advanced Instructor though Rangemaster
Advanced Instructor though John Farnam Defensive Training International
Instructor through Will Andrews, OK Shooting Skills
NRA Instructor

Facility: A-Zone Range

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Additional information:

from Spencer: This class is fast paced and is tailored to improve your shooting skill level by giving you proven techniques that work under stress!

The techniques shown in class will help the student understand where their level is currently, how to improve their shooting, and how to improve it with a well laid out plan on practice.

We will work on how to control stress and how to inoculate yourself to stress so you can better deal with it during any event that might bring on high stress.

Safety will be covered on how it relates to an armed lifestyle.

Shooting fundamentals: Only the fundamentals matter… we will go into great detail on how to improve your fundamentals and make you a better shooter and why some of the fundamentals don't matter as much as you think they might.

Trigger Control: There are many different ways to work the trigger on a handgun, but only few work well. We will cover what I firmly believe is the best way to work a trigger!!

Sights will be explained in depth with options given to make faster shots with acceptable accuracy given the target size.

Grip is one of the most important things for shooting a handgun well! It will be explained in detail and how to improve your control of the handgun and how to improve your grip strength. Trigger control is the KEY to shooting well and must be mastered to become a very competent shooter. We will work on several drills that will allow you to become much better at trigger control!

Draw stroke is one of my biggest pet peeves!! I see SO many good to average shooters that don’t understand that what is holding them back is their draw stroke. We will cover draw stroke in depth and how to get better and faster at it, both two handed and strong hand only.

Reloads will be covered in detail giving you the best options on how to reload the gun under stress.

Shooting cadence and speed. We will cover techniques on how to shoot at the speed needed for each target.