Close Quarters Pistol/Tactical Medicine for Violent Encounters

Darryl Bolke of Hardwired Tactical Shooting and Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics will co-teach a special 2 day class in June 2016. Tuition is $450.

Course Description: Hardwired Tactical Shooting and Lone Star Medics will be presenting a two day course designed to prepare the student for dealing with complex close quarters shooting problems typically encountered in the urban environment (Counter Robbery) and how to deal with the possible medical issues in the same environment (tactical medicine for violent attacks). 

Day one will be all shooting in drills and scenarios to work on safe gun handling and tough marksmanship standards to deal with close quarters problems.

Day two will focus on self-aid and aid to loved-ones in the immediate aftermath of a violent encounter. This will be a four-hour block that covers patient drags and carries, rapid patient assessment, and modern techniques for hemorrhage (bleeding) control.  Techniques include tourniquets, pressure dressings, and hemostatic agents. Penetrating chest trauma and treating for shock will also be discussed.  We will also do a lunchtime presentation on how and what to pack in a first aid or medical kit.  The second half of day two will encompass combined shooting and medical problems in which the students will be given problems to solve with the information and training provided in the course and be tested and constructively critiqued on their performance.

Length: 8 am to 5 pm, June 25-26, 2016

Prerequisites: Formal training in drawing a pistol from concealment and a state carry permit. Students should be able to deliver consistent shots into the black of an NRA B8 Bull’s-eye target from 2-7 yards on demand as a prerequisite.  The course will use tight scoring on difficult targets in that 2-7 yard close quarters range.

Recommended: 8 or more hours of formal training in defensive pistol shooting, medical response, and/or integration of both skills.

Required Equipment: The shooting portion will be shot from concealment with daily carry gear.  We recommend a service or mid-size reliable semi-automatic pistol and appropriate support gear to include a quality belt, holster and magazine pouch or pouches, along with ear and eye protection.  AIWB holsters and carry is allowed for those students who are already well versed and able to run them safely.  This is not a course to test something new, it is designed to test your proven equipment and carry modes.  300 rounds or brass- or steel-cased ammunition (no aluminum cased ammo allowed).

Optional Equipment: Medical training gear (training tourniquets, pressure dressings, etc.). See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by:   Caleb Causey (Lone Star Medics), Darryl Bolke (Hardwired Tactical Shooting)

Facility: A-Zone Range

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