Medical Preparedness

Course Description: An in-depth, two day course on medical issues for individuals and families looking to improve their overall readiness for medical issues.  The student will learn various first aid skills necessary in an emergency, along with techniques to manage various illnesses and injuries until skilled help arrives.  Special emphasis will be placed on providing medical care in austere environments (after a disaster or long term emergency.)

Topics: Medical terminology;  medical concerns for neurological, psychological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urogenital;  acquiring and storing prescription and OTC medications; managing trauma; creating kits and acquiring medical gear; hands on training

Length: Two days (can attend 1/2 day or one day, see below for pricing)

Prerequisites: None.

Required Equipment: None

Optional Equipment: Any medical gear you want to bring, use, or discuss with the instructor.

See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by:  Ben Weger, MD, RN, EMT-P

Facility: A-Zone Range

For prices and upcoming course dates, check the schedule page.

Additional information: Outdoorsmen, preppers, kids working on scout merit badges, individuals and families looking to improve their medical readiness would benefit from this course.

Ben Weger is active duty Army and  a board certified pediatrician who is completing a 3 year fellowship in adolescent and young adult medicine.  He has nearly a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse and paramedic in a major metro Level 1 Trauma Center.  He regularly lectures at universities and medical schools on a variety of topics.  He is an avid firearms proponent and engages in regular training at a variety of schools.  His interests are diverse and include emergency preparedness, teaching, regenerative agriculture, crossfit, preventative medicine, and critical appraisal of medical literature.  He is presently outnumbered at home with his wife, 3 daughters, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, kunekune pigs, ducks, several co-dependent dogs, and a cat that supervises them all.  His CV is available at