Preparedness Summer School 2021

Course Description: KR Training Instructor Paul Martin and Dr. Ben Weger, MD of First Do Know Harm will be presenting at Preparedness Summer School on August 28-29, 2021

Topics: This two day event will cover recent developments in the vulnerabilities of the grid, societal unrest, increased response times from law enforcement and EMS, recent weather extremes and possible changes to firearms laws across the country. 

Students will receive information and guidance on better managing such situations such as dealing with extended utility outages and supply chain disruptions, preparing for a wide spectrum of medical problems, and improving their ability to ready their homes and neighborhoods for prolonged emergencies.

Some of the Saturday, August 28 course offerings include:

On Sunday, August 29, we will spend an entire day focusing on medical preparedness. 
Dr. Benjamin O. Weger is an U.S. Army physician in Fort Bragg, North Carolina and is affiliated with Womack Army Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine.  He has been presenting at preparedness seminars and writing on the subject for several years.
Dr. Weger will cover several topics, including:

Length: 9 AM – 5 PM

Prerequisites: None

Citizens who wish to improve their level of readiness, irrespective of their current skill level, should attend.  There will be a heavy focus on the “how-to” in this conference.

Required Equipment: None.

This is an all-indoor presentation.  Taking notes is highly encouraged.  Attendees will receive valuable class materials prior to the conference.

See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by:  Paul Martin and Dr. Ben Weger

Facility: A-Zone Range

Additional information: