Preparedness Summer School (Basic)

Course Description: Designed for the beginner to preparedness, this one day blended learning course provides range time during the morning and class room training in the afternoon. 

During the range portion, students will run drills with pistols and long guns useful in home defense situations, starting with safe gunhandling and marksmanship fundamentals, progressing to shooting from cover and armed movement in structures, similar to material covered in our Basic Pistol 2, Home Defense Tactics and Defensive Long Gun Essentials courses.

The classroom portion will help jumpstart the beginner’s preparedness efforts.  Students will receive training on the basics of preparedness, learning strategies and skills they can easily implement right away.

Topics: Gun safety, selection and storage, marksmanship fundamentals, shooting from cover, armed movement in structures. Prepping for the beginner, building a Get Home bag, building your food and water storage plan, storable food taste testing, creating a home defense plan.

Length: 9 AM – 4 PM

For prices and upcoming course dates, check the schedule page.

Prerequisites: None

Required Equipment: Handgun, quality belt holster (kydex or leather, must cover trigger guard, must be possible to reholster one handed), 2 or more magazines, long gun (carbine or shotgun). 100 rounds of handgun ammunition, 50 rounds of rifle ammunition OR 25 buckshot loads for shotgun. Eye and ear protection.

See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by:  Karl Rehn and Paul Martin

Facility: A-Zone Range

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