Defensive Knife Skills

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Course Description: This course focuses on the most common street attacks using edged weapons and how to defend against them with a knife. Student have the option to attend only day 1 (for $225) or both days ($400).

Topics: Man’s oldest tool, the knife, has forged empires, put kings on thrones and defended people throughout time. Even in modern days, edged weapon training is essential in any tactician’s skill set.

So you carry a knife… great but do you know how to use it and how to defend yourself against an attacker with a knife? Do you have the right knife for the job? In this course you will learn all of these and the basic attacks and defense that are found on the streets. We will cover the foundation of fighting, which is found throughout all fighting styles including firearms training. We will also examine the different angles of attack and how to defend against them. This course is designed to introduce edged weapons tactics and training to individuals who do not have the 15 years to dedicate to a martial arts discipline.

Not only will you gain more respect for the edged weapons but you will also learn how effective they are through a tissue lab which is an accurate simulation of knife attacks injuries. We will also examine how different blades cut through clothing and how clothing reacts to the blade. There will be a short lecture on knife and blade designs and their application. This will help educate the students on what to look for when selecting a knife.

During the class we will have training knives for students to borrow. All students must bring safety glasses.

By the end of the class you will understand why an edged weapon is so devastating in an extreme CQB environment.

Length: 7-8 hours

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Prerequisites: None.

Required Equipment:

Optional Equipment: See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by: Allen Elishewitz

Facility: A-Zone Range

Additional information: Day 2 includes a tissue lab and other activities exploring the course topics in more detail.