In-Extremis Knife Course

Course Description: The ShivWorks In-Extremis Knife course is a 4 hour block of instruction which focuses on a non-stylized method that will work with any edged weapon or any improvised weapon as well. The course places the knife or improvised implement within the usage context of realistic criminal assault and provides a simple decision making process for access and application. A heavy emphasis is placed upon disparate confrontations where the defender lacks proportional armament and equal initiative. Pre-fight and In-fight tactics to dissuade, break and recover from violent, criminal assault are practically bridged into tool access and the specifics of edged weapon application.


Length: four hours

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Prerequisites: Students should be relatively fit as this is a contact class.

Required Equipment: mouthpiece and cup, folding knife

Optional Equipment: training knives

Taught by: Paul Gomez (OPS) and 'SouthNarc' (ShivWorks)

Facility: A Zone range

Times: 6-10pm

Scheduled: May 2005

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