Becky Dolgener

Position: Assistant Instructor, Social Media/Marketing Advisor

Teaches: Pistol Basics and Beyond the Basics, Defensive Pistol Skills 1.

NRA Certifications:Pistol, Range Safety Officer, Refuse To Be A Victim.

Other Certifications: Rangemaster Certified Instructor, A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League Beginner Pistol Instructor, Massad Ayoob Group Deadly Force Instructor, American Girls and 4-H volunteer, Texas LTC.

Becky D

Memberships: NRA, A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League, Temple Gun Club.

Training: (Totaling 350 hours) Contextual Handgun for the Armed Parent (Citizens’ Defense Research), Rangemaster Instructor Development Certification Course, A Girl and A Gun Beginner Pistol Instructor and Leadership Development (Tatiana Whitlock), A Girl and A Gun Leadership training, Tatiana Whitlock (20 hours), TCCC Medical Trauma Management Certification (Dark Angel Medical), Room Clearing (Hex Tactical Resources), Taking Dry Fire Live (Annette Evans), Contextual Handgun for the Armed Parent (Melody Lauer), Essential Carbine for Home Defense (Tatiana Whitlock/ Steve Fisher), Unarmed Defense (Larry StClair), Fight to Your Gun (Mike Oschner), Violent Acts and Actors (Dr. William Aprill), Deadly Force Instructor (Massad Ayoob/ Marty Hayes), Rifle Fundamentals (Texas Firearms Freedom), MAG20 Range (David Maglio, Massad Ayoob Group), Curriculum Development and Implementation (Jeff Gonzales, The Range at Austin), Identifying and Correcting Common Shooting Errors (Tatiana Whitlock), Emergency Planning (Lone Star Medics), Advanced AR-15 (Jordan Blake), Couples Defensive Tactics (David Maglio, Massad Ayoob Group), Tactical Medicine for EDC (Lone Star Medics), Bleeding Control (911 Tactical Medicine), Vehicle Engagement I & II (Hex Tactical Resources), Defensive Pistol Skills (KR Training), Real World Meets Range (Tatiana Whitlock), Down Defender (Kathy Jackson), Trap and Skeet (Deb McKown and Renee Blaine), 5-stand (Martin Jones), Low Light Tactics (Hex Tactical Resources), Running a Safe Line (Kathy Jackson), Combative Pistol (Brian Quick), Cornered Cat Instructor Development Program (Kathy Jackson), NRA Women on Target Shotgun, Ghosts of Goliad Rifle Marksmanship (Battle Road), NRA Range Safety Officer Certification (J&C Firearms Training), Handgunning: Beyond the Basics (KR Training), Running a Safe Line, Kathy Jackson (3 hours), Instructor Development (Kathy Jackson), NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Certification (Training Strong, Cheyenne, WY), Intro to IDPA (Ben Gilman), Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Course.

Personal: Becky lives in Temple with her husband Russell (a high school football coach and teacher) and two boys. She is an independent marketing consultant with Quarter-Acre Content Services and the facilitator for the Temple Chapter of A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League. Becky is the training coordinator and CEO of Texas Personal Defensive Training Group and spends her spare time studying nutrition and functional movement.





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