Sean Hoffman

Position: Assistant Instructor

Teaches: all courses

NRA Certifications: Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer

Other Certifications: Rangemaster Certified Instructor (Tom Givens), Texas License to Carry Handgun Instructor, TCOLE Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, California Post Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, California POST Certified Patrol Rifle Instructor, Team One Network Shoot House Instructor, California POST Certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, Los Angeles Police Department Multi-Assault Counter Terrorism Actions Capability Instructor Certification

Memberships: National Rifle Association, Texas Tactical Police Offers Association, Capitol Area Practical Shooters (CAPS), International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)


Completion of KR Training’s Defensive Pistol Skills Program, Defensive Pistol and Carbine Course ITTS (Scotty Reitz), 1911 Transition Course from 10-8 Consulting, Rangemaster 2 Day Dynamic Marksmanship Course (Tom Givens), Vehicle Environmental Skills FPF Training (John Murphy), 2 Day Survive the Fight Seminar with John Correia (Active Self Protection), High Speed Marksmanship with JJ Racaza, Manual Breaching and Tactics from the Los Angeles Police Department, Use of Force Survival Tactics from the Los Angeles Police Department, Officer Involved Shootings Course for Field Supervisors, 1911, Glock, and AR-15 Armorer

After being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps, Sean began his career in Law Enforcement. During his career he has worked a variety of specialized assignments. Sean has training and experience as a Gang Enforcement Officer, Field Training Officer, Detective, Major Narcotics Investigator, K-9 handler, Department of Homeland Security Federal Task Force Officer, Patrol Supervisor (Sergeant), and was the team leader for his Department’s Special Response Team.  As a Sergeant, Sean conducted over 100 Officer Use of Force Investigations, including Officer Involved Shootings.
As a Narcotics Detective, Sean conducted hundreds of investigations related to major narcotics trafficking throughout the United States, and other countries. During this time he developed an expertise in surveillance and counter surveillance techniques.  Many of these investigations resulted in the execution of high-risk search warrants. Sean was instrumental in developing an operational plan prior to the execution of these warrants.

Sean, along with other members of his Department organized and conducted nearly all of his Department’s firearms and tactical training. Sean is recognized as court-qualified expert in both State and Federal Courts in the field of narcotics, and K-9 detection. Sean currently holds a level 4 security license with the Texas Department of Public Safety, and works as a Personal Protection Officer.




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