What's New?

Current 'What's New' information is on the home page. This is an archive of older 'what's new' listings.

December 2005: Happy holidays everyone! We are busy making improvements to the facility, mainly fences and dirt work to keep the livestock off the road and improve drainage. We've also ordered a few new 'range toys' that you'll see in 2006 classes. We still have spaces in our NRA instructor classes but late signups (anything after Dec 25) will have to pay whatever expedited shipping charges NRA puts on us to get materials here in time for class.

October 2005: KR Training graduate Jen C. successfully passed the Blackwater firearms qualification test and is now working overseas for them. We are slowly filling in dates and details about our 2006 schedule. Due to the usual holiday/football/hunting seasons in Nov and Dec we don't offer many classes other than LTC courses.

September 2005: We're headed off to California to compete in the Steel Challenge, a.k.a the World Speed Shooting Championships.

August 2005: AT-4 and AT-6 are both sold out. We've added a few dates to our 2005 and 2006 schedule including a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar and instructor class, and a 4 day NRA instructor class in January 2006. Karl was featured in a recent episode of the Outdoor Network's 'Shooting Gallery' show. The episode covered the 2005 Polite Society Tactical Conference, hosted by Tom Givens in Memphis. Karl was shown shooting one live fire staqe and conducting Airsoft force-on-force scenarios.

June 2005: We are proud to announce that KR Training graduate D.D. recently graduated from the Federal Flight Deck Officer school and is now a certified armed pilot for a major airline.  He writes: 'it made me feel good to see that the training that I received from you was exactly what I got out there (at the FFDO training academy).  The grip, stance etc. was just a continuation of my basics with you.  Thanks. '

KR Training instructor John Kochan recently assisted the Lockhart PD with a force on force training session. The session was run by officer Steve K., who is also a graduate of multiple KR Training courses including our instructor training program.

We just came back from the USPSA Area 4 championship.  Roy Stedman took 'shooters eye view' video of all the stages, recorded during his actual runs on those stages.  The videos are a cool way to experience the high speed run-n-gun of IPSC. The word 'Area' is spelled as 'Aera' on the video credits in honor of the spelling problem they had with the match logo on the trophies and T-shirts.


April 2005: We've changed the dates on two upcoming classes. Beyond the Basics: Rifle is now scheduled for May 22, and Basic Pistol I is now scheduled for June 25.

Pictures and an article about the Nov 2004 Airsoft Labs Symposium are now online. Karl and Penny traveled to Toulouse, France to present and participate in this unique event.

March 2005: The Central Texas Match Schedule is now available in a handy tabular format. Click this link to see it.

Feburary 2005: Texas now has reciprocity with North Dakota, with rumors of reciprocity with South Carolina happening 'real soon now' coming from official sources. Advanced Training weekend is sold out.

January 2005: Congratulations to KR Training graduate Francisco A for winning 'Top Gun' in his CAPCO academy class. He joins the ranks of Mike M (Austin PD), Jerrold H (Travis County Sheriff's reserve), Kevin P. (FBI) and Michael McM (Austin PD) as KR Training students who have been the top shooters in their respective academy classes.