Equipment FAQ

During classes I often get asked to recommend equipment for self-defense and competition, so I've put together this reference to the products and services that I use and suggest to others.

ART Enterprises

ART Enterprises Alan's been my gunsmith for the past 10 years. He does excellent work, and he's a member of the American Pistolsmith's Guild. He specializes in competition and carry pistols, but also does Ruger 10/22 customizing and basic repairs on all firearms.

Springfield Armory logo

Springfield has been a big supporter of IPSC shooting, and I've found their handguns to be an excellent value. My Compact is my primary carry and home defense gun.

Taurus logo

Taurus handguns, are an excellent value for the money, and they come with a lifetime warranty. We own several of their DA .357 revolvers. In 1998 Taurus was a major sponsor of the Coors/Taurus Paper and Iron Championship.

Schaefer Leather

I've got a Schaefer belt and I use Tom's belt slide for my Kahr .40 and Springfield Compact. Tom also created our Cowboy Action Shooting holster rig.


STI's factory is here in Austin Texas, owned and staffed by friends of mine. Both of my .38 supers, Franker and Beavis, are built on the STI frame. STI has also been a big supporter of IPSC shooting.


The Kahr K40 is as small as a .380, but shoots the significantly more powerful .40 S&W caliber. It's flatter and easier to conceal than the micro-Glocks, with a heavier double-action only trigger. Here's mine.

If you are thinking about buying a 1911, check out a Kimber. Penny's match gun for all of 1998 was a Kimber, and it performed flawlessly. Excellent quality and workmanship, and an excellent value for the money.

SureFire makes an excellent line of high intensity flashlights

The inexpensive Spyderco Delica can be carried almost anywhere. The one-handed opening folding knife can be both a general purpose knife and a self-defense tool.

Hank Fleming: Gunsmith 445-6339. Hank's a graduate of our NRA instructor training program, a fine gunsmith, and a certified Glock armorer.

Dawson Precision: complete Kimber, Para and STI guns as well as many accessories for 1911 and Glock style handguns.