NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

Course Description: The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home class.

The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course teaches defensive pistol skills necessary and relevant to concealed carry situations.

Topics: Concealed carry techniques, presentation of a firearm from concealment, defensive shooting skills and strategies, safety, legal aspects of gun ownership and self-defense, and the aftermath of a defensive shooting. Presentation from a concealed holster (or purse), shooting from cover, shooting one-handed, and point shooting. Moving while shooting, shooting from low cover, shooting from sitting, turning, prone, low-light and close quarters shooting skills.

Length: 14 hours. (Day 1 can be taken as a standalone course)

For prices and upcoming course dates, check the schedule page.

Prerequisites: Texas CHL or similar training. Students that have passed our DPS-2 course or similar training can attend Day 2 without attending Day 1, and will receive a KR Training certificate (not an NRA certificate) for attending. Those attending Day 1 or both days will receive an NRA certificate.

Required Equipment: a centerfire handgun, .32 caliber or greater, 300 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, a belt holster and a concealment garment. Two or more speedloaders or spare magazines (bring more if you have them). Single-shot handguns in rifle calibers and handguns in .44 magnum or larger calibers cannot be used for this course.

Optional Equipment: See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.

Taught by: Karl Rehn

Facility: A-Zone range

Times: 8 hours on day 1, 6 hours on day 2


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