What's New?

December 1999: A few changes to the 1st half 2000 schedule are now online, and the 1st half newsletter will go in the mail the first week of January. The 1st half 2000 newsletter is also online(download here in PDF format). We've reorganized the web page to make it easier to use. On January 8 and 9 we'll be offering an NRA instructor training course in Waco, certifying new Home Firearm Safety and Rifle instructors, and on January 26th Michael McMillan will teach another Home Defense Tactics course.

NEW! Our 2nd half 1999 newsletter is now online in PDF format. Click here to download it. I haven't updated some of the class dates on the web page. The newsletter dates are the correct ones. I will get to it this weekend after we get the newsletters mailed.

The first half newsletter is also still online. Click here for the 1st half 1999 newsletter.

July 1999: More classes and matches! Kelli Mathiason will be offering a Refuse to be a Victim® course in College Station on Friday July 23. This is a new course not listed in the 2nd half newsletter.

June 1999: Lots of classes, matches and the Sim demo for the Alamo Defensive Pistol club.

May 1999: New photos from the 1999 Area 4 Championship and 1999 Space City Challenge match online. Congratulations to KR Training instructor Glenn Garvey, who completed his EMT training this month.

April 1999: We're proud to announce more new programs. We'll be teaching some classes at Red's Indoor Range this summer. Join us for Beyond the Basics in June, Tactics 101 in July, and Low Light Shooting (AT-IA) in August. Also: large bore revolver expert John Linebaugh will be coming to the Schaefer Training Academy in September to offer a seminar on his .475 and .500 Linebaugh handcannons. We'll be offering his 2 hour lecture, a BBQ steak lunch, and the opportunity to shoot some of his guns, all for $25, including ammo.

In July we'll be offering a special lecture course taught by Austin SWAT team leader Paul Ford, called Lessons from the Street. But wait, there's more! We'll also be putting on a demonstration of our scenario-based force-on-force tactics training program for the Alamo Defensive Pistol Club, at the Blackhawk range in San Antonio, at their July match.

New photos online from the Street and Vehicle Tactics put on by Greg Hamilton back in February.

Details will be in the next newsletter, due out in June.

New photos online from the 1999 Make A Wish match. Look for us at the Space City Challenge in Houston. We've added junior shooter Cody Brusso to the KR Training IPSC team. Interested in tactical 3-gun shooting? SDSI, a tactical shooting school in Dallas, is putting on a tactical 3-gun match & clinics June 26 and 27. Check out www.sdsinet.com for details.

March 1999: New photos online from the March Basic Pistol class. Penny, John, Glenn and Kelli all completed their NRA Refuse to Be A Victim® instructor training. We'll be offering that program in the future. Look for us at the Make A Wish charity match in San Antonio.

February 1999: Going to the gun show Feb 20/21 in Austin? Drop by the Sanborn Shooters and KR Training tables and say hello! We'll have a full report on the Street and Vehicle Tactics online in early March. We've had a tremendous response to this course so we'll be talking with Greg about a return visit in 2000.

January 1999: Correction: the Street and Vehicle Tactics course is Feb 27/28, not 26/27 as was previously online. KR Training alum and UT law student Andrew Kerr has coordinated an appearance by John Lott (More Guns, Less Crime author) at the UT Law School on February 18th at 10 am in the UT Law school auditorium. The public is welcome to attend. Just for fun, we created an animated GIF of me shooting some plates. Check it out.

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