What's New 2002?

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November 2002: John Holschen will be teaching a special seminar on Friday, Dec 13th. He will show excerpts from the Al Qaeda training video tapes and provide commentary and analysis, including information on how to counter those tactics. John's analysis of the tapes has been widely circulated by major news agencies and Internet websites.

The 2003 schedule is now online, along with the 2003 1st half newsletter, soon to be in a mailbox near you.

UPDATE: the 2003 LTC course dates published in the print version of the 2003 1st half newsletter are incorrect. The real class dates are on our schedule page.

October 2002: Getting ready for a busy month, working the Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo and lots and lots of teaching. Congratulations to KR Training Shooting Team members Roy Stedman and Nathan Taylor, who competed in the Texas Paper and Iron Championship. Roy was 1st A, 8th overall, and Nathan was 1st B, 10th overall. KR Training student Matt Bigham was 1st C Limited.

September 2002: We're back from the 2002 USPSA Race Gun Nationals and we've uploaded about 80 photos from the match to our web site. Click here to check them out. But wait, there's more. We also shot the Texas State Limited Championships. Photos and video clips are here. Karl was 4th overall in the Limited 10 division. Penny was top woman in the Limited 10 division, and Nathan Taylor won B class in Limited (high capacity).

August 2002: I just came back from the 2nd Polite Society match, held at Rangemaster in Memphis. The Polite Society is an organization that holds meetings that include both training and competition. I presented a lecture on Airsoft guns and their uses in Force on Force training. The PDF of my presentation is here.

July 2002: Tom Schaefer's July 13th LTC renewal (8-12) is sold out. He has added a second renewal class on the 13th from 2:30-6:30 pm. Starting in August 2002, Tom's LTC classes will include a catered fruit and BBQ chicken lunch. Tuition for his LTC classes is going up to $145 for new permit and $75 for renewal. Students are welcome to enjoy the catered lunch or bring their own food.

Scores and digital video from the June 2002 steel match are now online. We have cancelled the July steel match, but encourage all our steel shooters to support the Texas Steel club shooting on July 6 and August 3 at Cedar Ridge range in San Antonio. Assistant Instructor William Quiles is moving to Dallas. Penny and I will be taking over his fall Basic Pistol courses. William will remain part of the KR Training team, and offer basic firearms courses for us in the DFW area after he relocates.

June 2002: Congratulations to KR Training IPSC team shooter Nathan Taylor for his 3rd B Open finish at the Area 4 championship! Women's Pistol has been rescheduled for Saturday, July 13. This will be our only 'basic' level course this summer. Men can also attend this course. I've also uploaded some Steel Challenge shooting tips, as advice for everyone shooting our summer Steel matches.

May 2002: Congratulations to the winners of the May steel match! Scores are online (overall and division). Division winners: Pete Braun (IDPA), Trapr Swonson (IPSC Limited), Nathan Taylor (IPSC Open), Scott Christopherson (Revolver), Mike Moore (Rimfire Open), David Birdwell (Rimfire Stock), Treva Bigham (Centerfire Woman), Beth Polo (Rimfire Woman).

April 2002: Help us decide what class(es) that InSights will offer on their next visit! Take our online poll and let us know what you'd like to attend!

Karl and Nathan represented Team KR Training at the 2002 Space City Challenge. Karl was Limited 10 division winner, and Nathan was 2nd B Open (and the ink wasn't even dry on his brand new 'B' classification card). Roy is getting ready for the Glock match in Dallas in early May.

Another visit from John Holschen of Insights, to teach Street and Vehicle Tactics and Team Tactics. We've also purchased new steel targets for our upcoming Summer Steel matches. These matches are open to anyone who has had Basic Pistol or higher level training, and we'll have .22 divisions as well as 'low-ready' and holstered start divisions.

March 2002: The KR Training shooting team, consisting of Karl Rehn, Roy Stedman, Marc Jaschke and Nathan Taylor, won the team competition at the 2002 Shirley Skinner Make-A-Wish Charity IPSC match. Karl also was the Limited 10 division winner, Roy Stedman was 3rd A Open, and Nathan Taylor was 1st C Open.

February 2002: A Zone Range Grand Opening, 02/02/02. Photos are here.

January 2002: Still working hard on finishing the range house but we're on schedule for the 02/02/02 grand opening. Defensive Shotgun II is almost full, so sign up soon if you are interested in attending.

The Home Defense Tactics course scheduled for Jan 26 has been moved to Feb 22. I've also uploaded more MP3s of old original music (1982-1986 period).

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