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December 2001: Congratulations to KR Training team shooter Roy Stedman who placed 1st 'major subcompact' (with a 10mm), 2nd 'amateur civilian', and 3rd 'subcompact' in the annual Glock Shooting Sports Foundation match in San Antonio.

We've been hard at work at the new range and teaching. Don't forget that we offer gift certificates - great gifts for your shooting friends (or put them on your wish list!) All our course dates for first half 2002 are now online.

The 2002 newsletter is now available online. Get the printable enrollment form here.

November 2001: Here are some photos and driving directions to the new range.

October 2001: Lots of regular classes, including the first-ever AT-IV pistol course, and lots of time spent on construction at the new range. The first classes at the new range (the A-Zone) will be the shotgun courses in January. We'll have photos and better maps up soon.

September 2001: Need a LTC class but can't attend one of our scheduled courses? IPSC Grand Master and former world champion Ted Bonnet is now available for private LTC courses in the Austin and San Antonio area. Email Ted or contact us for details.

Several months ago, Penny was interviewed by Dick Ellis of Fox 7 while she was teaching a Refuse To Be A Victim® class at Jazz on 6th st. The piece ran on Sunday, Sept 10. Here's an MPEG movie version of the broadcast piece.

We are back from the Coors-Smith & Wesson Texas Paper and Iron Championship. That's a big name, but it's a big match. Team KR Training did very well, with Karl winning the shootoff, placing 6th overall, and placing 3rd in the pistol side match. Penny was 2nd woman and made the shootoff. Nathan Taylor was 2nd Limited (overall), 1st B Limited, 2nd in the rifle side match and made the shootoff. Roy Stedman was 15th overall. Here are match photos.

August 2001: We are back from the Steel Challenge. The big news is that Karl placed 19th overall and made the shootoff which was filmed for TNN's American Shooter show. Here are some photos.

We have purchased 90 acres of land near Lexington, Texas which we will be turning into a permanent KR Training range and classroom facility. There are a few 20-30 acre parcels near the range currently for sale. Watch this space for news and photos of the range construction project. We hope to be offering courses there in early 2002.

July 2001: Penny will be teaching two instructor development workshops for the NRA 'Refuse to be a Victim®' program, one in Katy (near Houston) Sept 15-16 and one in Austin Dec 1-2. Here is more information.

The August NRA instructor training class is full. We do have new photos online from the Area 1 championship.

Red's Indoor Range will be running a Glock (GSSF) match August 4, September 8 and October 6. Here are all the details.

June 2001: We survived Area 4 and will be taking a break to prepare for the Area 1 match in Seattle in July. We did add some great video from John Nixon of the 'Texas Star' rotating steel target, made by Terry Ashton. Check here for more information about the star.

May 2001: We're back from the Space City Challenge , and we have 100+ match photos online from that event. Congratulations to Karl Rehn, 3rd Open Master, and Nathan Taylor, 1st B Limited, from the KR Training team. Karl also shot in the San Antonio Tri-Club Charity Match, and we're in the middle of a busy month of classes.

Greg Hamilton just completed teaching the Unarmed Self Defense and Close Quarters Confrontations courses May 19-23. Here are photographs from the CQC course of the groundfighting and standing drills.

Penny taught a 'Refuse to be a Victim®' seminar at Jazz on 6th Street Thursday, May 24th. Dick Ellis from the local FOX affiliate also interviewed Penny for an upcoming 'Crimewatch' news segment.

April 2001: The 2001 Summer/Fall newsletter is now available. Upcoming courses include: Women's Pistol (also open to men), Beyond the Basics, Beginning Rifle/Shotgun and Home Defense Tactics. We will be taking a summer break this year, which means that except for LTC classes, we won't be offering anything between June 13 and August 25. That will allow us to concentrate on preparing for some major matches, including USPSA Area 1, Area 4, Limited and Open Nationals, Texas Paper and Iron and the Steel Challenge.

March 2001: Despite some nasty wet weather during the revolver class, the revolver and competition pistol classes with Jerry Miculek and Kay Clark Miculek were a big success. Thanks to everyone who attended! Photos from the course are here.

We've added a Women's Pistol course, May 5th. It's similar to Basic Pistol, but open only to women. In the course, Penny Riggs will cover grip, stance, equipment, gun and holster selection issues specific to women, as well as basic shooting techniques.

Congratulations to Penny Riggs, who was Top B Open at the 2001 Shirley Skinner Classic charity IPSC shoot, benefitting the Make A Wish foundation of Central Texas. Also this month, Dr. Riggs received the Brigid G. Leventhal Scholar award from the American Association for Cancer Research - Women in Cancer Research (AACR-WICR) at the association's annual meeting in New Orleans.

The summer/fall newsletter will go out in April, in electronic form only. Everyone on the KR Training email list will get it, and we'll have it available for download here as well. A print newsletter will go out in August, with a more complete listing of fall classes. Penny and I are going to take a break from teaching during the summer, to concentrate on preparing for the Area 2 and 4 Championships, the Steel Challenge, Texas Paper and Iron, and the Limited and Open USPSA Nationals. Tom Schaefer will continue to offer LTC classes, and our assistant instructors will be available for private basic courses as well.

Don't forget about the InSights visit in May 2001. They are now going to offer their Close Quarters Confrontations course, which consists of Unarmed Self Defense and 3 additional days of integrated live fire and unarmed training. Students can take Unarmed Self Defense Sat/Sun as a standalone 2 day class, or take the full 5 day CQC course which will run Sat-Wed. For those that have already completed Unarmed Self Defense, they can attend the last 3 days of CQC (and/or take the Unarmed course again as a refresher).

We finally have a 100% firm date on the Gabe Suarez 'Tactical Advantage' course. It's going to be December 1 and 2, 2001. This course is highly recommended for anyone interested in street, vehicle and 2-person team tactics.

January 2001: AT-1 is SOLD OUT. There is still room in AT-1A and AT-II for a few people. There are only a few open spots remaining in the February AR15 class.

December 2000: Happy Holidays! My new CD, titled 'et al', is finished and I've put all the tracks online in MP3 format for everyone to enjoy.

The February 2001 class with Gabe Suarez is postponed until September 2001. He is having back surgery and that's forced him to reschedule many of his classes in early 2001.

We're back from the Texas State Steel Challenge Championship, where Team KR Training did quite well. Karl finished 6th overall, 2nd master. Penny finished 7th overall, and was Top C, Top Woman, and she won one of the side matches. KR Training Competition Pistol graduate Nathan Taylor also was 2nd B Limited.

November 2000: Defensive Shotgun class is completely full. Enrollment in this class is closed as of 11/22/00.

We're back from from Phoenix, where we shot the Area 2 championship, aka the Rio Salado Desert Classic, and attended a clinic taught by Rob Leatham, Brian Enos and Henning Wallgren. It was one of the most fun, and best run matches we've shot all year.

The InSights visit in May 2000 has been extended. They are now going to offer their Close Quarters Confrontations course, which consists of Unarmed Self Defense and 3 additional days of integrated live fire and unarmed training. Students can take Unarmed Self Defense Sat/Sun as a standalone 2 day class, or take the full 5 day CQC course which will run Sat-Wed. For those that have already completed Unarmed Self Defense, they can attend the last 3 days of CQC (and/or take the Unarmed course again as a refresher).

October 2000: The fall/winter newsletter is complete and is finally going in the mail this week. Get yours online here. Most of the new information is also on the web page now. There's one mistake in the newsletter, as mailed. Wendell Joost's visit is Dec 2 and 3, not Dec 9 and 10. The newsletter PDF is correct; the version that went in the mail (showing Dec 9 and 10) is wrong. Sorry for the mixup.

Photos from John and Kelli's wedding match are now online. So are photos from the 2000 USPSA Open Nationals and Pan American Championships.

Penny was interviewed by Fox News.com for a piece they did on concealed handguns in Texas.

I'll be performing with Java Jazz at the Stonehouse Grill on Burnet Road Wednesday Oct 18th and 25th, 7-9:30. The Stonehouse Grill is across the street from the Putt Putt Golf, next door to Academy, in the 6700 block of Burnet. Drop by and say hello, or have dinner or drinks.

Interested in impact weapon/stick self defense training? Tom Gohring is bringing Rene Rodriguez in to teach a clinic in Arnis and Escrima, which are Filipino martial arts.The next seminar is Saturday, February 3, 2001, 1:30 - 5:30 p.m. Cost is $60 or $45 if prepaid by January 20, 2001. Limited to 15 participants. Email Tom if you are interested in attending.

September 2000: Now available! ND Industries Vibra Tite. Much better than Loctite for holding screws in place on firearms. Click here for detailed information about this product. $10/bottle.

New courses on the schedule for 2001: Feb 10/11 Gabe Suarez, LA-area law enforcement trainer and author of 'Tactical Pistol' and 'Tactical Advantage' will be teaching his 'Tactical Advantage' course for us. May 19/20 Insights will be returning to teach Unarmed Self Defense. More information about Gabe Suarez and his classes here.

Congratulations to our instructors John Kochan and Kelli Mathiason, who are getting married October 7th. There will be an IPSC match in Somerville October 8th in celebration of this event. The match flyer is here and the map to the range is here.

Effective 1 Sept 2000, Handgun Carry Permits are now reciprocally recognized between Florida / Tennessee and Texas. We have verified this through both Texas authorities and the Tennessee Dept of Safety. If you run into someone in Texas who hasn't got the word, have them call the Texas Dept of Public Safety, Concealed Handgun License Legal Section, at 512-424-5842.

Here's an MPEG movie of someone shooting 'Smoke and Hope' from the Cedar Ridge steel match.

August 2000: As usual we've had lots going on. It was 106 degrees during the July Competition Pistol class, and not much cooler for Greg Hamilton's Intensive Handgun Skills course. Penny and I had a great time at the Steel Challenge last week. According to the crew from TNN's American Shooter show (who were there recording the action), highlights of the match will be televised in late September.

Penny has an article on cross training for shooting in Tom Gohring's August Tai Chi newsletter. Competitive shooting legend Brian Enos has a new website. Hank Fleming also forwarded us a link for a great website on bullseye, including a good shooting diagnostic chart.

We are already working on firm dates for classes from Nov 00 - Jun 01, including more InSights classes and some other special classes we'll be officially announcing soon. Expect a newsletter in your mailbox in early October with lots of details.

July 2000: New photos from the Space City Challenge 2000 match are finally online. Here's a cool animated GIF that's a composite of a number of shooters running Stage 1 from Space City. (warning: it's 1.3MB). Here's a nice photo series of Penny shooting Triple Roundabout at this year's Texas Paper and Iron match.

June 2000: We're busy getting ready for Paper and Iron and the July classes, including the Impact Weapons and Intensive Handgun classes taught by Insights. The Impact Weapon seminar will be at Tom Gohring's School of Tai Chi Chuan

May 2000: We've added another Basic Pistol class to the schedule. The summer Basic Pistol class will be at Sanborn Shooters range, Sunday, June 25th, from 1-5. Cost is $50. Class will be taught by Karl Rehn and Penny Riggs.

Thanks to all who signed up for the AR15 class! We are looking at scheduling another AR15 course in the fall to accomodate everyone who could not get in to the May class, which filled up in 2 days. AT-II, scheduled for June 10th, is going to be postponed until the fall also. Here are some photos from the AR15 class.

April 2000: Summer & Fall class schedule has been updated. The 2000 Summer/Fall newsletter is here in PDF format. Highlights: InSights Training is returning to teach an Impact Weapons Seminar (kubaton) class July 28, Intensive Handgun Skills July 29-30, Defensive Knife I Oct 20, and Defensive Knife II Oct 21-22. Michael McMillan will be teaching an AR15 course May 20, and the next AT-II tactics course will be June 10th.

KR Training has scheduled a special competition pistol class, taught by IPSC Master class shooter and top woman shooter Kay Clark Miculek for May 27 &28. This course will focus on building skills needed for the Steel Challenge (World Speed Shooting Championships). The class will be held at the Clark's Shootout range near Shreveport, LA. Students will need 3000 rounds for this course. To enroll in this special course, click here. Cost is $300. The Clarks will also be holding a Steel Challenge warmup match August 5th.

New photos from the 2000 Make a Wish charity match are online. Despite the match being rained out on Sunday, we raised over $30,000. Roy Stedman also have Make A Wish photos online here.

Interested in attending the Friends of the NRA banquet? Contact Dave Rosenfield at (512) 360-4894 (local call in Austin area) to join our block of tables. This NRA fund raiser generates money that's used right here in our area. Money from last year's FONRA banquet was allocated for grant money to fund free Refuse to Be a Victim® seminars, including some put on by KR Training instructors Penny Riggs and Kelli Mathiason.

Red's Indoor range is currently hiring full and part time retail help.Email Karen or call her at 892-4867 for information.

Here's a nice photo of John officially proposing to Kelli, during a match at the Somerville IPSC club.

March 2000: Penny will be teaching free Refuse to be a Victim® courses on March 9 in North Austin, and on April 8 for the Houston Police Department's Positiv Interaction Program. There's still space available in the Advanced Training I/IA combo class on March 18th.

February 2000: A revised version of the newsletter is now available (download here in PDF format). Some changes to the schedule: AT-I/IA refresher will run concurrently with AT I and IA on March 18. AT-II has been postponed until June 10th, to run concurrently with AT-II refresher. We are selecting a final date for a spring AR15 rifle course, and a Folding Knife/Unarmed refresher course. InSights will be returning in late July. More details about advanced level courses can be found in the spring Advanced Training newsletter. Also there are new photos online from the InSights Unarmed Self Defense Class.

January 2000: There are now a few spaces open in the InSights Unarmed Self Defense course is sold out. Due to demand we have added a second section for Defensive Knife I. There are spaces available in both the Thursday, Feb 10 and Friday, Feb 11 knife classes. Click here for student info on the InSights courses. The Home Defense Tactics course scheduled for Jan 26 has been moved to Feb 22. I've also uploaded more MP3s of old original music (1982-1986 period).

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