The latest schedule is here. The website shows all the classes we've planned through October 2016, with a few 2017 classes. Classes coming up soon include:


We are once again hosting Tom Givens of Rangemaster for multiple classes in September. For those unfamiliar with Tom: he's been a firearms trainer for almost 40 years, 25 years as a law enforcement officer, founding board member of IDPA, and he's had 65 students in shooting incidents over the past decade, with a hit ratio of over 90%. That's a student success record unmatched by any other private sector trainer. Tom also runs the annual Rangemaster Tactical Conference, which provides attendees the opportunity to train with dozens of national level trainers, in short courses offered at a single location.

We are offering his 2 day Combative Pistol 1 class September 10-11. This is an excellent course suitable for anyone with a CHL, particularly those that have taken one or more of our Defensive Pistol Skills courses.

We are also hosting Tom's highly regarded instructor development program, with the 3 day Instructor Development Course Sept 13-15, and two sessions of the Advanced Instructor course, Sept 16-17 and Sept 18-19. These courses are considerably more difficult than the CHL and NRA instructor courses (attending does not guarantee you will pass), and because of that graduation from his program is a significant credential for those training others.

Registration in all 4 of the Tom Givens September classes is now open on the KR Training website. We prefer that you register direct through us and not through Tom's website.


We are offering our AT-4: Pistol Skills Development and AT-6: Pistol Workout classes in August. Both courses cover more advanced pistol skills in an intensive live fire format with minimal lecture. They are suitable for graduates of Defensive Pistol Skills 1 or other training where a holster is used, and also are excellent cross training for those interested in improving their competition scores.

USPSA Grand Master Roy Stedman will offer his 4 hour Competition Pistol 2 class on August 27th. This course is intended for experienced competitors seeking to improve. Prior experience shooting matches is required to attend this course. Those with no prior competition experience should attend our Competition Pistol 1 course on Sept 24 instead.


UT researchers are seeking UT women faculty and staff members over the age of 18 to participate in a study. Participation consists of a one-on-one interview of an hour or less.  Women who take part in the study will not be identified or identifiable in any way.  I encourage any of you that fit the criteria for the study to participate, so the pro-carry viewpoint is represented. For more information contact


The hottest part of Texas summer is yet to come. Drink water, use sunscreen. Switching to a smaller gun for summer carry? Come take DPS-1 on July 16th with it (a few slots still open!), or just put in some range time with it. Pocket guns are harder to shoot than a full size model. Dry fire is free and can be done at home in the comfortable A/C. Don't let hot weather be your excuse for not carrying. Violent criminals don't take a summer vacation.


We look forward to training you!
Karl, Penny and the KR Training crew