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November 2003: Another of our regular students, L.T. 'Bear' Bailey, joins the KR Training team as an assistant instructor. Bear will be assisting with the AT-5 and 5a courses, and plans to assist with courses in 2004 and beyond.

Effective Jan 1, 2004, our prices will increase. For KR Training classes taught at the A-Zone, half-day classes will now cost $60, full day classes will cost $120, and LTC new permit courses at the Schaefer Academy will cost $150. Guest instructor courses and LTC renewal courses will remain at their 2003 rates.

Tom Schaefer's LTC renewal course on Nov 8th was filmed by a film crew from the UK working on a documentary about crime and personal defense in the US and UK. In the past decade the UK has banned handguns and made personal defense (including unarmed self defense) virtually illegal. Crime and violent assaults have dramatically increased. During the same period, the number of US states allowing concealed carry has increased, and crime in the US is at a 30 year low. The documentary is being produced by October Films.

The Civil Liberties Defense Foundation (CLDF) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Texas carry permit holders against the Houston Transit Authority. The HTA prohibits concealed carry on buses, which is violation of recently passed HB 501. Land Commissioner (and author of the Texas LTC law) Jerry Patterson is working with CLDF on this case. Your tax deductible contributions will help. Visit http://www.libertydefense.com for more information or to contribute.

The deadline to sign up for the NRA Instructor course is Dec 1. A deposit of $100 is required to register.

Here's a link to a news segment showing an actual shooting: an angry client shoots his lawyer with multiple shots from a .38 spl at arm's length as the lawyer hides behind a tree. A few lessons to be learned from this: even at near-contact distance cover is useful, and pistol bullets do not knock people off their feet (the lawyer walks away after being hit multiple times).

Here's an article about legendary Texas trick shooter Ad Topperwein. Just a bit of history from back when shooting as a sport and as entertainment was less controversial than it is today.

October 2003: We hosted the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship class, taught by Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham. Here are photos and videos.

September 2003: Click here for my informal summary of what I learned at DPS LTC instructor re-certification school. Also new photos of my Glock G19 with reduced, retextured grip by Alan Tillman.

We are back from the Steel Challenge. Photos, videos and other info about this year's match can be found here. We have added a December Refuse to Be A Victim seminar and instructor training course, and scheduled an NRA instructor training course for Jan 10-11.

July 2003: New information about the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship class is now online. Click here for the PDF file. Here is additional information about a recent, real-life defensive shooting incident involving one of Tom Givens' students. Tom will be teaching the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship course for us in October.

June 2003: Updates to the 2003 and early 2004 schedule are now online. We have revised our Basic Pistol program into two courses: Basic Pistol I for those with little or no training, and Basic Pistol II for gun owners who have never taken a formal pistol course. Basic Pistol II will include a 'practice run' on the Texas LTC shooting qualification test.

Detailed information about the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship course to be taught by Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham Oct 11-12 is now online. This course will replace our AT weekend for fall 2003. It covers many of the same topics as our AT weekend, but is different enough that AT graduates will see plenty of new material. It's also suitable for anyone with a Texas LTC and no prior additional training.

We've added another AT-V class in November, and introduced a new class AT-V(A) which will be a two hour low light force on force clinic only open to AT-V graduates.

We've also scheduled another NRA instructor training class for January 2004, and InSights Training will be returning to offer Defense Against Weapons and Handgun Retention and Disarming in February 2004.

May 2003: KR Training Advanced Training graduate, and FBI agent-in-training Kevin P was on ABC's Good Morning America. They visited the FBI Academy and Kevin was one of the trainees they interviewed.

At a recent trade show the Taser people were offering a free T-shirt to anyone that was willing to get zapped. I got several seconds of juice from the new 26 watt model, as shown in this video clip. The reason I'm not falling down is that the Taser booth guy is holding me up.

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April 2003: My SWAT magazine article on Airsoft guns is now online. AT graduate Scott Dudek forwarded us his review of the AT weekend courses that he's posted on several gun related websites. Bio information for our newest assistant instructor, Bill Bradford, is now online. New photos and videos from the recent InSights Unarmed class are now online.

March 2003: The KR Training IPSC team won the 'team trophy' for the 2nd year in a row at the Shirley Skinner Foundation 'Make a Wish' benefit match this past weekend. The team consisted of Karl Rehn (M Open), Roy Stedman (A Open), Marc Jaschke (B Open) and Nathan Taylor (C Production). Nathan finished 2nd overall in Production class, shooting a Beretta M9 with factory 10 round magazines.

I've updated the music section to link to remastered MP3 files for all my CD releases. All the tracks from all my CDs are now available directly from the KR Training site. I've also done extensive digital editing on the cassette-era tracks to remove tape hiss and improve fidelity.

I have moved the dates for the May Beyond the Basics and Competition Pistol classes. They are now on Sunday, May 18 instead of Saturday, May 17. NRA instructor class has been moved to June 28-29 from June 21-22. We have also scheduled a special class for October 11-12: Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham and Karl will teach a 2 day class on Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship. The course will be similar in format to our Advanced Training weekend, with Tom and Jim serving as guest instructors. Karl (with help from usual suspects) will be running force-on-force exercises as part of the course. More information on this course will be added to the web page soon.

Interested in the history of pistol shooting? I've added a new file: an article on two-handed pistol shooting by Jeff Cooper, written in 1963 - back when gripping the gun with two hands was a radical concept.

Back from the Polite Society conference in Memphis, where Karl ran six 2-hour blocks of Airsoft-based force on force training for the participants. We also survived a soggy weekend of excellent training from John Holschen of Insights, including their Defensive Folding Knife, Unarmed Self Defense and Weapon Effects courses. We'll be bringing John back later in 2003, most likely for Unarmed level II and an unarmed defense against weapons course.

February 2003: John Holschen will be offering a special seminar on weapon effects (wound ballistics). The course will be Saturday, March 1 from 7-10 pm at the A-Zone Range. Cost is $50. More information about the seminar can be found here.

The current issue of SWAT magazine includes an article by Karl, with photos by Penny, all about Airsoft guns for force on force training.

November 2002: John Holschen will be teaching a special seminar on Friday, Dec 13th. He will show excerpts from the Al Qaeda training video tapes and provide commentary and analysis, including information on how to counter those tactics. John's analysis of the tapes has been widely circulated by major news agencies and Internet websites.

The 2003 schedule is now online, along with the 2003 1st half newsletter, soon to be in a mailbox near you.

UPDATE: the 2003 LTC course dates published in the print version of the 2003 1st half newsletter are incorrect. The real class dates are on our schedule page

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