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December 2004: We are back from France, where I was an invited speaker at a military and law enforcement training conference hosted by Airsoft Labs. The conference was on the use of Airsoft guns as training tools, and I gave a two hour talk and ran some scenarios for the participants.  I'll have pictures up on the website in a week or so.  Penny is working on an article about the conference for SWAT magazine. http://www.air-soft-guns.org/ (website is in French)

Our entire 2005 schedule is now online. We are pleased to announce that L.T. 'Bear' Bailey will be teaching rifle classes for us in spring 2005. Bear spent most of the fall attending rifle and rifle instructor classes from instructors including Gabe Suarez, Greg Hamilton, Jim Crews, and Andy Stanford.  He'll be offering Basic Rifle, Beyond the Basics: Rifle and a special AR15 specific class.

In Feb we will be hosting Max Michel, Jr and Travis Tomasie for an advanced competition pistol course. Max and Travis are both IPSC Grand Masters who shoot full time for the U.S. Army Pistol Team. Max is the current US National champion.  Their 2 day class is Feb 12-13, $350.   They don't teach many classes.  These guys are two of the best shooters in the world.  This class is primarily intended for IPSC competitors but anyone that shoots other pistol sports or has taken our AT-4 class is eligible to attend.

In May 2005 Paul Gomez and 'SouthNarc' will be visiting us to offer 3 classes: a 4 hour knife class and two one-day courses in Extreme Close Quarters Combat which integrates firearms and knife training.

The KR Training team shot the Area 4 Steel Championship in Shreveport, LA on Nov 20. Roy Stedman was the match winner and Area 4 Steel Champion, Karl was 2nd overall and Top Master, Penny was Top B and 2nd woman.

Dr. Glenn Meyer recently contributed an article to the 'Teddy Tactical' site (run by the good folks who put on the NTI) about his experiences as a roleplayer in active shooter training on his campus:

Texas LTC updates: As of 11/22/04, Texas now has reciprocity with Georgia, and as of 9/7/04 we have reciprocity with Mississippi. As of 9/13/04, concealed carry is now OK on LCRA property

November 2004: After a very busy October (including 4 classes in one day, taught at 3 different locations by 3 different KR Training instructors), things are slowing down for the fall break. InSights will be visiting us for December unarmed and folding knife classes, and we are hard at work defining the 2005 schedule, including classes some visiting instructors new to KR Training.

NEW! Just added - an NRA Range Safety Officer course at Austin Rifle Club. This one day class will certify students as NRA Range Safety Officers. This is not an instructor rating and graduates are not certified to train other range officers. This is simply a course to teach you how to run a safe firing line and be aware of safe range procedures, including developing an emergency plan and evaluating the safety of shooting ranges prior to conducting a shooting event. Cost is $80, $95 for non ARC members.

The KR Training team wins big at the Area 4 Steel Match. Roy Stedman wins top overall, Karl is 2nd overall, and Penny wins top B Open.

August/September 2004: Team KR Training competed at the 2004 Steel Challenge. Congratulations to KR's Roy Stedman who made the shootoff and teamed up with fellow Texan Athena Lee. They won their first bout before being defeated by the team of Jerry Miculek and Todd Jarrett. Congratulations also to Jamie Foote and Kay Clark Miculek. Jamie and Kay also shot as a team in the shootoff. Kay finished ahead of Athena to take the Top Woman title, becoming the first person to earn 4 Steel Challenge wins. Penny was 5th woman. Pictures are now online here.

August 2004: It's hot and things are quiet at the A-Zone except for the sound of the KR Training shooting team getting ready to compete in the 2004 Steel Challenge later this month.

June 2004: More photos online from Space City Challenge and Area 4 matches.

Congratulations to KR Training student Mike M, who graduates from the Austin PD academy this month. Mike won the 'Top Gun' award as the best shooter in the cadet class of 78 students.

KR Training was on the road in late May and early June. Glenn Meyer represented us at the National Tactical Invitational. Karl, Penny, Roy, Nathan and the rest of the KR Training IPSC team competed in the USPSA Area 4 championship. Karl was 14th overall Open, and Penny was 3rd woman. Nathan was 1st B Open. Videos are available on Roy Stedman's website.

May 2004: A new session of Beyond the Basics has been added Sunday, May 23.

The KR Training IPSC team has been busy. We went to Space City Challenge in Houston TX. Karl and Roy both made the top 10 in Open. Roy was 3rd M/GM. Penny was Top Woman, Nathan was 3rd B Open (shooting minor), and Beth Polo was 3rd D Open. KR Training squad photos are here and the Texas South Section photos are here.

Roy and several other shooters from Central Texas competed in the Columbus Cup in Nicaragua. Roy won 2nd Open and won 5 stages. Photos here.

Penny attended the S&W Ladies Championship and competed against many of the best women shooters in the US. She won one stage, finished 4th overall and won B Open. Photos here.

I have more used shooting gear, including two Dillon Square Deal presses, for sale. The list is here.

April 2004: The June Basic Pistol classes have been rescheduled. Basic Pistol I is June 12, 9-12, Basic Pistol II is June 12, 2-6.

Virgil Tripp of Tripp Research is now selling some cool T-shirts.
Virgil was the inventor of the STI '2011' high capacity polymer frame handgun, pioneered the use of titanium in handgun parts, and more recently has been manufacturing high quality 1911 magazines.  The shirt is a tribute to handgun designer John Moses Browning, complete with the number 1911 converted to binary form: 11101110111.  Available now in limited supply. http://www.trippresearch.com/products/apparel/apparel.htm

March 2004: The InSights classes scheduled for June have been moved to June 11, 12 and 13 due to their instructor availability. Greg Hamilton, Insights founder and lead instructor, will be teaching the courses.

I'm back from the 2004 Polite Society Tactical Conference, hosted by Tom Givens at Rangemaster in Memphis. I won 2nd in 'professional class' competing against other trainers and other gun industry pros. Tom has also invited me to return in July to teach my new Airsoft Instructor course at his facility.

February 2004: Effective 2/6/04, we are no longer accepting credit card payments.

January 2004: Happy New Year! We have a number of new (unused) and used items for sale.

A shooting friend out in Arizona has started his own gun-accessories company to sell some unique shooting accessories, including soap designed for removing lead from your hands, scientific-grade lens cleaning supplies for optics, and a micrometer powder bar kit for Dillon reloading presses. The new site is Uniquetek.com.

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