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December 2006: More 2007 class dates online. March-May class dates for Advanced Training Weekend, Beyond the Basics: Handgun and other courses will be posted when we have them. Karl was recently certified as a law enforcement instructor by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). In 2007 we will start the process of getting some of our classes TCLEOSE approved for law enforcement training credit.

November 2006: 2007 LTC class dates are now online.

October 2006: Austin Rifle Club will be hosting a rifle "sight in" day Oct 21. The flyer with more information is here.

September 2006: The Texas Tactical range, which has been home to the local IPSC, IDPA and Steel Challenge matches, has closed following the death of the range's landowner. I have updated the Austin clubs and ranges page. Howard Nemerov and Grace Garne are running another "Women on Target" shooting event. This 4 hour event is a brief introduction to shooting .22 pistols. It will be conducted at the Schaefer Training Academy on Oct 28 from 9-1. To enroll contact Howard Nemerov or Grace Garne at 512-985-5085 or email hnemerov (at sign) netvista.net.

August 2006: Just added (8/28/06) - another Basic Pistol 1 class on Sept 16, due to high demand. We've added two more classes to the schedule: Advanced Training 6 (Pistol Workout) on Sept 10, and a new class, Defensive Pistol Skills, on Sept 30. AT-6 is a challenging set of pistol drills with minimal classroom time. Defensive Pistol Skils is intended for Basic Pistol 2/Beyond the Basics/LTC level students that want formal training in drawing from concealment, extreme close range shooting and other defensive skills. Defensive Pistol Skills covers some of the material in our Advanced Training 1 course and is a good "pre-AT weekend" class.

The KR Training shooting team is headed to California for the Steel Challenge (World Speed Shooting Championship). This year's match will be televised on the Outdoor Channel and features a prize table worth over $370,000. KR Training guest instructor and U.S. Army shooting team captain Max Michel will be defending his title against the world's top shooters.

July 2006: Several local NRA instructors and KR Training instructor training graduates are offering classes this month. Howard Nemerov and Grace Garne are offering a 3 hour introductory shooting clinic sponsored by the NRA's Women on Target program. All necessary equipment will be provided by the range, including firearms, ammunition, and eye/ear protection. This clinic will feature training in the safe handling of .22 caliber pistols to help participants learn the fundamentals of shooting in a relaxing and fun-filled environment. Cost is $20. Contact Howard Nemerov to enroll.

Dana Rigg and Trenton Twining are offering a Firearm Cleaning Workshop at the Austin Rifle Club July 29 from 9-noon. They will discuss the basic points of cleaning a firearm, answer your questions, and explain the importance of routine cleaning. The class will compare basic cleaning techniques and address some other points of maintenance as allowed by class interest and time. To enroll contact education@austinrifleclub.org. Preregistration is required. Cost is $10, $5 for ARC members.

June 2006: Added some classic articles by Jeff Cooper to the archive: one on the radical idea to use two hands to hold a pistol, and another from 1974 on his proposed rules for practical pistol competition. I also updated our advice on buying a first handgun, and added a copy of an article I wrote for Gabe Suarez' Warrior News e-news on teaching beginners and spouses to shoot. We've added some fall class dates and raised our rates on some classes.

May 2006: Congratulations to KR Training shooting team member Roy Stedman who won the American Action Shooting Association championships held in San Antonio.

April 2006: Karl made the trip to Midland to compete in a regional Sportsmans Team Challenge match as part of the 'Alamo Blues Brothers' team led by Jamie Foote. The match consisted of team events in shotgun, .22 rifle, .22 pistol and centerfire pistol. The nationals will be held in San Antonio in June. The Alamo team placed 2nd in the Open (Pro) class.

We have scheduled U.S. Army shooting team captain Max Michel, Jr. to teach two 1-day classes at the A-Zone in July. One class will help students improve their performance in Steel Challenge competition. The other one day class will focus on IPSC competition skills. Classes are limited to 8 students.

March 2006: We added a second Basic Pistol I class April 15, from 2-5 to handle the overflow from the sold out morning class.

We are still developing our plans for summer and fall classes. LTC classes will be offered monthly as usual. Several of our instructors have jobs which sometimes require extended travel with flexible scheduling and this is limiting our ability to set class dates very far in advance. Anyone interested in Basic Pistol 1, Basic Pistol 2, Advanced Training 4, 5 and 6 should join the KR Training email list so that you receive notification of course announcements. It is likely that any courses we offer this summer will be announced less than 30 days prior to the class date, with some risk that class dates will adjust as instructor travel dates change at the last minute. We have had student requests for specific classes this summer and we will make every effort to offer those courses as our schedules permit.

February 2006: Many of the spring classes are sold out. We added a second Basic Pistol II course to meet demand and it sold out too. The Tom Givens Combative Pistol II course only has 3 slots left. We moved the April Basic Pistol I class from Easter Sunday to April 15th - the Saturday before Easter.

January 2006: Most of the range improvements are complete, NRA instructor classes went great thanks to warmer than usual winter weather. At the moment our schedule up through June 1 is set but we are still setting up class dates with traveling instructors and deciding what to offer in the summer and fall. If there's something specific you are looking for let us know.

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