What's New?

December 2008: A scan of the August 2008 Gun World magazine article about the Polite Society conference is now online.

November 2008: The November 2008 edition of the KR Training e-news is now online. Some 2009 classes, including our 2009 LTC schedule, have been added.

October 2008: The October 2008 edition of the KR Training e-news is now online.

September 2008: The September 2008 edition of the KR Training e-news is now online. Due to the risk of bad weather on Saturday, Sept 13, Tom Schaefer will be offering an additional LTC renewal session on Sept 20. The Sept 13 class will still be held for those that want to show up for class, rain or shine. The Basic Pistol 1 and AT-6 classes scheduled for Sept 13 have been rescheduled to Sept 27. The KR Training Amazon "aStore" is now open, offering the books we recommend to students in our classes, books we have contributed to, MP3s from Karl's CD releases, and other media. Student Amber Temkin posted a nice review of our training here.

August 2008: KR Training logo merchandise, featuring the shu-to logo, is now available from our Cafe Press store. We'll be adding more items over the next month or so. Later this month the KR Training shooting team will be making our annual trek to California for the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. Highlights from the match will be shown on the Outdoor Channel later this year.

July 2008: Our July 2008 e-newsletter is now available. We've added many classes to our fall schedule including a new AT-7 force on force course.

June 2008:Our June 2008 e-newsletter is now available. Karl shot the Sportsman's Team Challenge Nationals down in San Antonio, as part of a 3-person team sponsored by Accurate Arms. The STC is a test of pistol, rifle and shotgun skill that's open to teams of all levels, including teams of juniors and ladies. The team was 2nd in AA class after the first day but ended up 4th.. For more information about STC: http://sportsmansteamchallenge.com/ Pictures of Karl and the team shooting are at http://www.krtraining.com/IPSC/Matches/2008/STC gallery/index.html

May 2008: The handout from the "Be Your Own First Responder" course is now available online. Our May 2008 e-newsletter is now available. Karl has an article on force on force training in the current issue of the Armed Citizens' Network e-journal.

April 2008: More summer classes have been added to the schedule. This summer KR Training shooting team members will be on the road competing in major events including the Sportsman's Team Challenge in June and Steel Challenge in August.

March 2008: The April classes to be taught by Michael deBethancourt have been postponed until the fall, dates TBD, at his request.

Congratulations to KR Training IPSC team captain Roy Stedman who was 2nd overall and top International at the 2008 Columbia Cup IPSC match, held in Medellin, Columbia. KR Training adjunct instructor Howard Nemerov partnered with well known gun rights author Dave Kopel on a new paper now on the Social Science Research Network: "Is There a Relationship between Guns and Freedom? Comparative Results from 59 Nations". It discusses data gathered by a highly respected international authority, the Small Arms Survey, based in Switzerland.

February 2008: We are back from the Polite Society training conference. Karl placed 3rd overall in the live fire event. Karl and Tom Hogel, along with Paul Gomez of TacPro ran 6 hours of low light force on force scenario based training for participants. Other trainers present included Tom Givens (Rangemaster), John Farnam (DTI), Andy Stanford (OPS), "Southnarc", Claude Werner & Mike Benedict (Rogers Shooting School), Rob Pincus (Valhalla), Randy Harris (Suarez International), Mike Warsocki (InSights), John Hearne & William April (Rangemaster), Mike Brown (US Shooting Academy), Steve Moses & Hany Mahmoud from Dallas, Marty Hayes (Firearms Academy of Seattle).

Due to bad weather the Basic Pistol 2 class scheduled for Feb 16 has been rescheduled for March 1 from 2-6 pm. The AT-3 previously scheduled for March 1 has been postponed with new date to be announced later.

I recently got an email from a KR Training student who is now in Iraq:

Ya'll taught me a lot about pistols that the Army never did, and I just wanted to say thank you for that. It's kind of wild over here and I would not have the technical competence or peace of mind in my ability to use the M9 if it were not for the training I received at your school. Now if I could just get my Kimber 1911 over here... I continue to recommend your school to all interested in firearms instruction and look forward to the day I return to Texas so that I can continue my education in small arms, specifically pistols. Well, thank you once again for what you have done for me. I just wanted you to know that what you do does make a difference, and is being put to responsible use out here on the edge of the world to bring people back home alive everyday. Thank you, 1LT Z, Eric E. Infantry Platoon Leader, Iraq

KR Training is putting together a "care package" for Eric's unit, including bore snakes, books, DVDs and snacks. If you want to contribute, the easiest way is to make a Paypal donation. Just go to our main page and use the Paypal link on the left hand size. Donations of all sizes are welcome. Our cost for bore snakes is $15. Our plan is to send the package out before the end of the month, but we'll keep the project active and send more as we get more donations. UPDATE: care package #1 was shipped. Still accepting donations for another package.

January 2008: New classes just added to the 2008 schedule for January - May. The Central Texas match schedule has been updated. Our new training guide provides advice on what class to take and what sequence of classes to take for a variety of interests.

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