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November 2016: Many courses added to our Jan-April 2017 schedule.

October 2016: new c lasses added on October 22: Skill Builder and Defensive Long Gun Essentials

September 2016: Tom Givens coming to teach 4 classes over 10 days, to 70+ students.

August 2016: It was hot. We were surprisingly busy with classes despite the heat.

July 2016: We added a Sunday session of Basic Pistol 2 on July 17th to meet student demand.

June 2016: A busy month with many special classes. A review of the 2 day close quarters shooting/medical class is now on our blog.

May 2016: Celebrating 25 years in the firearms training business! The very first KR Training class was offered in May 1991.

Back from the 2016 national A Girl and A Gun conference in Marble Falls, where Tracy Thronburg and Karl Rehn taught multiple sessions every day.

April 2016: Back from the 2016 Rangemaster Tactical Conference, where KR Training graduate Kirk Clark won the live fire event, Dave Reichek placed 5th and Karl was 7th, less than 0.2 second behind Dave's time.

Classes through October now listed on our website.

March 2016: Affiliate instructor Ivan Nikolov now offering Friday and Saturday Beginner Pistol classes several times a month. These classes focus on learning shooting fundamentals with a .22 pistol.

February 2016: Another busy month with full classes coming up in March! Visits from Craig Douglas (ECQC) and Ben Stoeger (competition training) in February went well, and we are getting ready for the Rangemaster Tactical Conference in Memphis (March) and the A Girl and a Gun conference in April.

January 2016: Our busiest January in a long time. Almost every class sold out, and so far, above-average weather for winter classes. February classes mostly full, March classes filling up. We are going to add more April classes to the schedule to meet demand.

December 2015: Done with classes for 2015. Thanks to everyone for another great year! Classes for January 2016 are already filling up and some February classes are already sold out.

November 2015: Our schedule for Jan-May 2016 is now online. We have partnered with Sheepdog Solutions to offer a 5 hour intermediate carbine class on Sunday, January 31.

October 2015: KR Training instructors visit CSAT for a rifle class, and heavy rains cancel Oct 24th classes.

September 2015: New mobile friendly registration and new archive section of the website now online! More 2016 classes added to the schedule.

August 2015: Hunter Safety Instructor class has sold out!

July 2015: Classes every Saturday, plus 3 day Tom Givens instructor class, plus two Tuesday night IPSC matches. Sun's out. Guns out. Come see us! Morning and weekday evening events happening in August too. The July e-news is now online.

June 2015: A busy month of classes, with the 2-day "Unthinkable" course, sold out sessions of Basic Pistol 2 and Defensive Pistol Skills 1, and two Tuesday night IPSC matches.

May 2015: May 30 classes cancelled. May 31 classes taught by Chuck Rives rescheduled for Oct 4, 2015.

Another busy and rainy month! Summer class dates and summer IPSC match dates for June, July and August added to our schedule.

April 2015: Even busier than March. Classes every weekend including a trip to the national A Girl and a Gun Conference where Penny and I (assisted by Tracy) will be guest instructors again this year.

March 2015: A busy month! 3 classes back to back on March 7th, two sold out classes on March 21st, and a 3 day visit from Southnarc for his Extreme Close Quarters Concepts class at the end of the month.

Just added some special classes in June! "Unthinkable: Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme" to be co-taught by Dr. William Aprill, Caleb Causey and Karl Rehn June 6-7, and Defensive Knife Overview/Improvised Weapons by frequent guest instructor Chuck Rives, June 1.

Febuary 2015: Lots of full classes this month! We are assisting the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Marksmanship team in running a regional Scholastic Steel Challenge match, and Karl is co-teaching a Force on Force session at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference with Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics. National champion Ben Stoeger is visiting us at the end of the month for his 2 day competition class that's been sold out for months.

January 2015: Starting off busy with many classes sold out. Waiting on the shoothouse berm to dry out so we can finish dirt work and rebuild the new and improved shoot house.

December 2014: A slow month as we do range maintenance and improvements for a very busy 2015.

November 2014: Our 2015 schedule is now online. It includes over 60 classes taught by staff instructors as well as special guests Caleb Causey, Ben Stoeger, Tom Givens, SouthNarc, and Massad Ayoob.

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