What's New?

KR Training is celebrating its 20th year in business!

January 2012: The January 2011 e-news is online!

KR Training Shooting Team member Tim Meyers recently earned his IDPA Master ranking in Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) and Stock Service Pistol (SSP) divisions.

Great old article on How to Sight In by famous gunwriter Jack O'Connor added to our Archive section. Also, here's an article about the 1977 IPSC Nationals.

December 2011: The December 2011 e-news is online! It includes holiday gift ideas, links to interesting articles, and more! KR Training Shooting Team member Roy Stedman is the 2011 US IPSC National Champion (Modified Division). Congratulations Roy!

November 2011: The November 2011 e-news is online! Dynamic First Aid class, taught by Lone Star Medics, now on the calendar for January 28. Registration for our January 2012 NRA Instructor Classes now open!

Our "3 Seconds or Less" drill was featured as the October Drill of the Month in Concealed Carry magazine. The article and the drill instructions are now available online at the USSCA website.

October 2011: Our Jan-March 2012 schedule is now online. In addition to our regular courses, we'll be offering NRA instructor training in January 2012, and Tom Givens will return March 2012 for Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship.

The KRT-1 target is now available from Law Enforcement Targets. This target was created by the KR Training instructor team for use in many of our live fire courses. It includes triangular A and B zones useful for defensive pistol skills, a variety of colored, numbered shapes useful for handgun skill building drills, and two sight-in targets with 1" grid marks.

KR Training assistant instructor John "Hsoi" Daub, in collaboration with Austin-area IPSC Grand Master Dave Re, has developed a great iPhone/iPad app containing 52 different handgun training drills. Click here to learn more about the DR Performance Practice Deck app for IOS.

September 2011: September 2011 e-news now online!

August 2011: More classes added: two Refuse to Be A Victim seminars coming up this fall in the Bryan/College Station area taught by KR Training instructor Kelli Kochan. August e-news is online.

July 2011: New classes added to the schedule - Aug 27th Basic Pistol 2, Sept 24th Impact Weapons and Defensive Unarmed Skills with Leslie Buck (at his North Austin location). New issue of Suburban Dad Survivalist newsletter available for download.

Survey results are in! Contest winner D.B. has claimed the $80 prize. Fall 2011 class dates now online! Complete schedule is here. July e-news now online. Clubs/Ranges and Central Texas Match Schedule updated too.

One of our students has started writing a preparedness newsletter. Take a look at the first issue here.

June 2011: June 2011 e-news is now online.

May 2011: May 2011 e-news is now online. The KR crew is back from the annual Polite Society Tactical Conference. Karl presented two 2-hour lectures on force on force training and placed 2nd overall in the shooting competition. KR Training advanced level graduate (and new KR Training Shooting Team member) Tim M. placed 3rd overall.

April 2011: March/April 2011 e-news is now online. Group Shooting tips and Magazine Spring tips now online.

March 2011: June, July and August class dates added to the schedule page. Central Texas Match Schedule updated.

February 2011: The February 2010 e-news is now online. Karl now has his own blog.

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